About Facility


The Institute at present possess all modern Infrastructure like Class rooms, Laboratories, Computer Application Center, Internet lab, Language grooming Laboratory, Library, Conference Hall, Board Room, Canteen, Student Common Room. The laboratories of each branch are well equipped with all required tools and machineries. The laboratories are well maintained and sincere attempts are made by the faculties to impart adequate practical knowledge and skill. Sincere attempts are always being taken to ensure that student acquire sufficient knowledge of real life Industrial problems and develop talents to solve them.


The Institute Library as a vital center for study and research is of invaluable help to the students. The Institution library has a stock of more than 17000 books and supporting journals & magazines are quite adequate to provide for basic requirement of students. In addition to text and reference books the library regularly subscribes National and International Journals, important periodicals, newspapers etc.


The institute offers comfortable, homely separate hostels for male and female students, equipped with contemporary amenities. Hostel accommodation is optional and can be availed upon written request by students. Applicants are required to complete an application form and provide a written undertaking confirming their adherence to the Hostel Rules. Membership is automatically terminated at the conclusion of each academic year. Students seeking to rejoin the hostel must submit a new application for readmission at the commencement of each semester.

  • The hostel facilities include separate accommodations for 470 boys and 260 girls, each equipped with water purification systems, mosquito repellents, wardrobes, and cupboards.
  • Security is ensured round-the-clock with a superintendent residing on the hostel campus, providing a safe and secure environment.
  • Nutritious and hygienic meals are provided to cater to the dietary needs of the students.
  • The institute manages a dedicated ladies hostel in Baripada.
  • Each student is provided with essential furniture including beds, tables, chairs, and electrical fittings.
  • Continuous water supply is available 24 hours a day.
  • A recreation hall is available for indoor games and leisure activities.
  • The entire campus is monitored under CCTV surveillance for enhanced safety.
  • The RKCAT library serves as the focal point for learning, research, and development, offering a wide range of Indian and International technical periodicals and over 5000 text and reference books by both Indian and Foreign authors.
  • Students have access to newspapers and magazines in both Odia and English languages.
  • Computers and internet facilities are available for academic and research purposes.
  • RKCAT library also provides access to national and international journals, along with e-library software to facilitate easy access to reading materials.


To improve the communication skill of the students, the soft skill development lab has been established with latest multimedia tools and language software. Communication skill development training is imparted to the students under the guidance of professional trainers.


The institute has established and diligently maintained a fleet of vehicles to fulfill its transportation requirements. This fleet consists of 5 buses, 1 SUV, 1 MUV, and an ambulance, specifically selected to cater to the diverse transportation needs of its occupants. Oversight of transportation management is entrusted to the Liaison Officer, ensuring effective coordination and operational efficiency. Additionally, a designated faculty member has been appointed as the transport in-charge to provide comprehensive supervision. These transportation services are extended across various routes within Mayurbhanj and Balasore districts, ensuring widespread accessibility for the institute's community.